Photo of visual artist Steve Miller from 2012

Yep, I’m Steve Miller, but not that Steve Miller. I'm an independent visual artist, freelance graphic designer, amateur musician, and family man living and working in Royal Oak, Michigan.

What I love about painting is that I can follow several different trails and allow the painting process to tell me the story.


By reading the tealeaves of various brushstrokes, shapes, and colors, subject matter develops organically through self-reflection, visualization, and trial-and-error. I paint imaginary landscapes built upon intuition, personal observations, memories, experimentation, and sometimes humor.


I like to see what my head, heart, and hand can produce, and by painting from imagination, I'm able to discover new places, reflect my thoughts, and develop new narratives pertaining to my personal experience as an artist, designer, musician, father, and husband.


For me, painting is always unchartered territory. So, at the moment, I'm painting  a series of imaginary landscapes inspired by mountain biking in Michigan. If you like that sort of thing, then you'll dig the paintings. I think they'd look better in your house anyway.


Subscribe to my blog  my facebook page, and my Instagram account because there you will see more. Paintings within paintings which sometimes only exist for a short time before being changed.


I'm happy to share some of the changes my paintings go through in the process of being made.

Mountain bike trail painting with animation zoom in to detail.