Terms and Conditions

I’m working on defining the terms for my site. If you have any questions please contact me, Steve Miller, directly at 248-219-thirty, twenty eight.

Here’s two points of special attention:

  1. If you decide to purchase one of my originals or prints, through my studio shop, I will make every effort within reason to support our agreement and your patronage, ie:  If a print you ordered arrives damaged, I will ask your help in making a claim and reporting the damage to insurance, then I will send you another print to replace the damaged one.
  2. If you sign up as a user to my site, you should only do so as an art appreciator or patron. When you do, you will be notified when I make a new post, and you will be able to comment on blog posts within the site. If I notice, you have other reasons for signing up, like trying to hack my site, or solicit me, I will delete your profile, and take steps to block your IP.