Untitled #200904

Untitled #200904, 36 x 36, acrylic on canvas, completed 6/23/9

© Steven Miller 2009

This untitled abstract landscape was 1 of 4 environments invented on canvas while taking an independent studio painting course at the BBAC under the guidance of Detroit artist Clinton Snider. Clint is such an awesome painter. I can’t say enough about his work. Anyhow, he invited me to join his class and I’m indebted to him for it. It was great to get out of the house (I was a fairly new dad at the time) and join a great group of Detroit area painters and work in close proximity, receiving feedback, criticism and encouragement. Felt like college again. Thanks Clint. Untitled #200905, Untitled #200903, Untitled #200902 are the other paintings I did in that class.

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Date: Jun 2009
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