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Ofrenda to Robin Williams

Ofrenda to Robin Williams, 40″ x 50″ x 40″, mixed media, completed 10/19/14, © Steve Miller and Alex Goecke 2014

This Ofrenda to Robin Williams was exhibited at the DIA this fall. Read about the exhibition and my collaboration with Alex Goecke in my blog.

Robin Williams burst into the public spotlight from an egg from outer space on the hit television show Mork and Mindy, and in our ofrenda he will return to his shell to depart from our world in the form of a paper mâché skeleton.  Holding a mask depicting the happy, laugh-fueled mania of his public persona, his skull will be a visual contrast hinting at the inner turmoil he experienced as a sufferer of depression and addiction.  In front of the egg, a laugh box, filled with chattering teeth and a button inviting viewers to push and hear actual laughter, will act as an offering for Robin’s spirit to reunite with us during Dia De los Muertos.