Improv Song

diptych, 48″ x 23.875″ x .5″, acrylic on plywood, 2/15/16, © Steve Miller 2016

This abstract acrylic on plywood is a diptych of contrasting color gradients defined by the woodgrain.

I was playing around with woodgrain and gradients in hopes of discovering something new. Both panels woodgrain mimic each other creating a mirrored response. I decided to sand off layers on the right panel. What I found was my process in making images is a lot like how I write music. First I’ll improvise and make stuff up until I hear something cool. Then, I refine that idea by getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t work and building on the stuff that does. Finished song. Finished painting.

diptych, 48" x 23.875" x .5", acrylic on plywood, completed February, 2016.