Visually, I’m inspired by big skies, open fields, red dirt, large bodies of water, the movement of fire, summer storms, sunlit windows, dappled passageways, mountain biking trails, peeling paint, rust, discarded artifacts, road kill, shadows, and vibrant colors.

This is why I’m primarily a landscape painter. My work is about solitude—both the wanted and unwanted kind, wholeness, and loneliness.

My painting process ebbs and flows between working from observation and imagination. I occasionally paint en plein air or use photo references. However, I mostly paint mental landscapes or fabricated daydreams—mining imagery from memory, stream-of-consciousness, and trial and error. I develop compositions and subject matter directly on the canvas, where I embrace, correct, and build upon the mistakes of previous layers in order to discover and tell new stories of places and people; both real and imagined.

– Steve Miller


Steve Miller is an independent artist and songwriter. Introspection shapes his music as well as his acrylic landscape, still life, portrait, and narrative paintings to dynamically tell visual stories of people and places; both real and imagined.

Regional art communities and beyond welcome his artwork. He participates in a variety of juried group exhibitions annually in SE Michigan. In Birmingham, he won the Corinne Maillard Robinson Award at the BBAC’s 38th Michigan Fine Arts Competition. In Pontiac, he won 1st place in the 2018 Canvas Pontiac Art Competition. Embrace Creatives awarded him Best of Show in a 2019 multi-city members exhibition. The City of Royal Oak selected his landscape “Ben Jamin” for their Art Explored program, a multi-yearlong public art exhibition. The Detroit Institute of Arts exhibited his collaborative ofrenda sculpture in their 2014 Dia de Los Muertos exhibition. And recently, he won an honorable mention from the Grosse Pointe Artists Association. Beyond Michigan, Miller’s artwork has been written about and showcased in publications and galleries in Oklahoma,Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Virginia. Rolling Rock beer licensed his artwork for a national campaign, printing his painting on 12 million 12-packs and reproducing it as a poster giveaway.

During the height of the Covid pandemic lockdown, in addition to participating in multiple regional online exhibits, Miller started a band. Well, actually a songwriting partnership with his friend and fellow songwriter Doug Shimmin. Working remotely, they traded files back and forth and released two full-length albums in 2020 under the name Covid Bros. Their freshman release Essential Works won a Gold Award from The Side Show, an awards showcase for the advertising community.

The son of a psychology professor, Miller was born and raised in the college town of Norman, Oklahoma. He completed his BFA in painting and printmaking at the University of Oklahoma in 1995. After graduating he spent a decade working as an Art Director in advertising agencies in Dallas and Chicago. He and his wife moved to Michigan in 2002 where he started working on his art full-time. In 2006, they started their family and Miller chose to be a stay-at-home dad while working on his art career, and freelance graphic designer.

Steve is down to earth and his art inspires his community. His artwork has helped support numerous fundraising events and local charities. He’s helped local businesses, a preschool, and a children’s hospital brighten their walls and entryways with his art. Steve cares about his community and uses his creative powers for good.

Photo of the Hiatus - Steve Miller's art, design, and music studio.


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