As a married, middle-aged, father of two teenage girls, my paintings reveal moments of introspection, oftentimes, with a sense of humor.

As a visual artist, I’m inspired by the way light defines, color expresses, and composition gives the illusion of movement. I challenge myself to invent new believable spaces, tame visual chaos, and express complex emotions.

My painting process is both traditional and experimental. As a fine artist, I pay attention to the formal aspects of painting. I’m also a graphic designer who likes to manipulate color and simplify form. I paint with acrylics in a hybrid of painterly and graphic techniques, incorporating representation and abstraction. Sometimes I utilize digital tools and new technology to experiment and grow my capabilities as an artist.

– Steve Miller


Steven Blake Miller, who also goes by Steve Miller, is an independent artist, songwriter, and graphic designer. As an artist, Miller won the Corinne Maillard Robinson Award in the 38th annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. He has been showcased and published in art communities throughout Michigan, Texas, and Oklahoma where he has lived.

During the height of the Covid pandemic lockdown, in addition to participating in multiple regional online exhibits, Miller started a band. Well, actually a songwriting partnership with his friend and fellow songwriter Doug Shimmin. Working remotely, they traded files back and forth and released two full-length albums in 2020 under the name Covid Bros. Their first release Essential Works won a Gold Award from The Side Show, an awards showcase for the advertising community. Their music can be found on all streaming platforms.

The son of a psychology professor, Miller was born and raised in the college town of Norman, Oklahoma. He completed his BFA in painting and printmaking at the University of Oklahoma in 1995. After graduating he spent a decade working as an Art Director in advertising agencies in Dallas and Chicago. He and his wife moved to Michigan in 2002 where he started working as a freelance designer and a full-time artist. In 2006, they started their family and Miller chose to be a stay-at-home dad.

Steve is down to earth and his art inspires his community. His artwork has helped support numerous fundraising events and local charities. He’s helped local businesses, a preschool, and a children’s hospital brighten their walls and entryways with his art. Steve cares about his community and uses his creative powers for good.

Photo of the Hiatus - Steve Miller's art, design, and music studio.


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