Hi. I’m Steve Miller, a visual artist, musician, and graphic designer, as well as husband and father originally from Norman, Oklahoma. I’ve made my home for the past 18 years, Royal Oak, Michigan. It’s a suburb of Detroit.

Thanks for visiting This is my fine art site. There’s a story behind each painting, and most of my paintings have short descriptions available to read when you click on them. If you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of my process or motivations, feel free to scroll down and read my Artist Statement. Or, if you’d like to learn more about my path as an independent artist, feel free to download my Bio and CV. Also, if you have any questions, just contact me below. I will get back to you shortly.

Once upon a time, I was a Sr. Art Director in Advertising at agencies in Dallas and Chicago. I left the industry in 2002 to pursue my art full-time, and in 2006, to raise our girls as a stay-at-home dad. Since moving to Michigan, I’ve enjoyed working as a freelance graphic designer where I design logos, print materials, and websites for people following their passions. My design portfolio is

During the start of this Covid pandemic, my good friend Doug Shimmin and I started writing songs together by passing audio files back and forth responding to the craziness of 2020. Under the name Covid Bros., we crafted our first full-length album called Essential Works and released through CD Baby on June 28, 2020. Then we followed that release with our second album called 2nd Wave on Dec. 3rd. To read about those projects and to listen to the albums go to our official website, or search us up anywhere you download or stream music.

Also, as a hub for all of these endeavors as well as any future ones, check out

After all, Everything I Do Is A Hobby -enjoy

Everything I Do Is A Hobby – by STVMLR 2019 – indie country

Privacy Settings, 12.25” x 12.25”, acrylic on canvas, © Steve Miller 2020, 4/24/20 - 5/1/20

Artist Statement

Painting is my sixth sense. I look closely, think deeply, and feel strongly about a subject. But, until I envisage my perceptions through hand and paint, I have not experienced a connection with the subject. I’m not talking about simply portraying what I see accurately onto canvas. The path I take is always unknown and open to interpretation. The connection is only made after overcoming failure and embracing discovery. Of course, the connection to the subject is curated, justified, and parts are completely made-up. However, it’s not the connection that’s important. What’s really important is the experience of trying to make that deep connection to your subject through painting. It’s exercise, and it’s work. The more I do it, the more I see, and the more I work, the better I feel.

Growing up in Oklahoma, I was inspired by big skies and open fields. I had a love/hate relationship with Southwest Art. With no real art market in Oklahoma, I admired the Taos and Santa Fe art scene. I was drawn to the artists dramatic and experimental use of color, but I was repelled by recurring southwestern themes of cowboys or indigenous cultural heritage. I couldn’t relate and needed to find my own path.

My art responds to my personal relationships, life experiences, strong emotions, and a self-deprecating sense of humor. My personality is evident in every painting. And, every painting is a reflection of the world around me. For example, the self portrait with a tin foil hat is a humorous commentary on the paranoia of the times we’re living in. And, my landscapes have movement, drawing the viewer into a place fabricated for their momentary escape.

– Steve Miller

Photo of the Hiatus - Steve Miller's art, design, and music studio.


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