Listen To See

After my fifth pandemic painting titled Ghost Golfers, I decided to work in a different medium. I’ve been writing and recording songs with my good friend Doug Shimmin under the band name the Covid Bros.

In late June, we released our first album, Essential Works with the guidance of Corey Roberts of Nub Records and digital distribution by CDBaby. You can find it wherever you stream or download your digital music, and we hope you do.

Songwriting, recording, and producing has really captivated my complete attention over this crazy spring and summer. There’s been so much to write about. I look forward to getting back in the studio to paint, however, we are finishing up our second release and hope to launch it this fall. After that, I will start painting again.

In the meantime, if you’re curious, check out our site, listen, share, and comment on Essential Works if you feel inspired.