My Studio

Photo of my art studio, called the Hiatus.

I named it ‘the Hiatus’, but we mostly call it ‘the Studio’ or ‘Stoods’. It’s where I paint.

A photo of me and friends in my studio I call the Hiatus.It’s also where I watch football, write music, design stuff, hang with friends and play with my kids. It’s an awesome space to be creative.

Unfortunately, my art studio burned to the ground back in May 2010.

This is what it looked like on studio on fire

I lost over 160 paintings.

charred paintings charred slides

Now it’s rebuilt and I’m happy to be back to work/play.


Special thanks to the Chris and his team at Total Home Construction Inc, as well as SafeCo Insurance. They built me a much better studio.  Also, thanks to my friends Wendy and Troy for drawing up the architectural plans and helping with interior and exterior design all the way from Denver.