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Hatchback 16

See Cool Down in person – Hatch Art Gallery.

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Ben Jamin | painting progress animation

This repeating animated gif file shows the development of my latest painting titled, Ben Jamin. The realistic landscape depicts the Benjamin Avenue Viaduct in Royal Oak, Michigan toward the end of winter. There are several dilapidated 1930’s viaducts in Royal Oak. They are a point of contention with the residents of the city for various […]

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The making of Stasis Hiatus

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En Plein Air – Lake Michigan

Last week, I made a painting while visiting Douglas Beach on Lake Michigan with my family and friends. I had a blast working en plein air, under shade, while everyone else played in the sand and water. Studying the changing light and reflecting surfaces of the water was mesmerizing, but I had to work quickly […]

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Rocky Climb

It’s hot, humid, very bright. Keep moving. Almost to the top. There’s an offshoot with shade. If only these damn horseflies would leave me alone. This is one narrative I consider when thinking about my latest acrylic landscape painting titled, “Rocky Climb.” Rocky Climb, like a lot of my paintings, is not based on a […]

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Finishing a Portrait of Tiff

Finishing a Portrait of Tiffany

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Grosse Pointe Peepers!

THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON! Come to the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. The 79th GPAA Members Show. 2-4pm. I’m lucky to have two pieces in this show. Thank you GPAA.

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Just Bluffing

An acrylic landscape painting with the view of an imaginary beach… have a ball at the beach! Just Bluffing, 36″ x 24″, acrylic on canvas, 1/11/17 This painting was a valley before it was a beach. Fabricating Daydreams!

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Post Election Painting

Enjoy this beautiful moment, while I dig my own grave.

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Blue Moon Event

Live Painting Demo This past Friday, [highlight]I was one of a select number of artists nationwide hired by Blue Moon[/highlight] (the beer owned by MillerCoors Inc.) to perform a live painting demonstration at a Sports Bar (Art and Jake’s in Shelby Township on 23 mile road) where patrons got to experience the thrill of watching yours truly recreate live […]