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Postcard Salon

What: A Postcard Salon is an exhibition where all artworks are the size of a postcard, 4 x 6 inches. Also, all artworks are for sale for only $30. Where: The Muskegon Museum of Art When: Exhibition runs from March 30 – April 21, 2023 | Reception is Thursday, April 20 | 5:30 PM (Sale […]

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Kid’s Portrait Finished

So happy to finally share this with you. This portrait was a commission by the father of the children you see in this painting. It’s a birthday present for his wife. So, I’ve been waiting for him to give it to her before I reveal it to you. As you can see, I was going […]

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Hatchback 16

See Cool Down in person – Hatch Art Gallery.

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Dress Makers

Boredom leads to creativity. This small painting of my girls was made from a photo I took of them toward the end of summer 2018, after complaining about being bored. I’ve posted some of the progress shots on my Instagram and Facebook page. Dress Makers portfolio post

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En Plein Air – Lake Michigan

Last week, I made a painting while visiting Douglas Beach on Lake Michigan with my family and friends. I had a blast working en plein air, under shade, while everyone else played in the sand and water. Studying the changing light and reflecting surfaces of the water was mesmerizing, but I had to work quickly […]

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Finishing a Portrait of Tiff

Finishing a Portrait of Tiffany

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Post Election Painting

Enjoy this beautiful moment, while I dig my own grave.