Photo of visual artist Steve Miller


Steve Miller’s acrylic landscape paintings are fabricated daydreams that seek to visualize introspective moments.

His paintings are mysterious, and engage the viewer with illusory devices that are both formal and experimental resulting in images with compositional movement, depicting slightly surreal, painterly environments where the protagonist is often the viewer.

While reflecting on his personal experiences as a progressive, middle-aged, middle-class, stay-at-home husband and father of two girls, he constructs the image and subject matter organically, allowing the painting to tell him the story. He develops what he sees and refines the image in both representation and narrative.

Miller’s strongest works to date, “Grace Under Fire,” and “Fat Man in a Little Boat,” portray solitary figures in contemplation navigating a rugged landscape containing elements of fire and/or water.

“I’m not the kind of artist who has an idea and then carries it out; it’s more like I find what the idea was through doing the paintings.” – Cecily Brown