Photo of visual artist Steve Miller

Steve Miller is an independent fine artist, freelance graphic designer, amateur musician, and family man living and working in Royal Oak, Michigan.

As an artist, Miller’s acrylic paintings seek to make emotional connections within the landscape aesthetic.

While reflecting on his personal experiences as a progressive, middle-aged, middle-class, stay-at-home husband and father of two girls, he constructs the image and subject matter organically, allowing the painting, or his subconscious, to tell him the story. He develops what he sees and refines the image in both representation and narrative until he feels the image has something interesting to share with the viewer.

As a designer, his creative process is more deliberate. Designing a logo or book jacket requires collaborative listening and conceptual thinking. Every project is custom and they all have deadlines.

As far as music goes, that’s a hobby. he loves hosting improvisational jam sessions in his studio on the weekends, and enjoys writing songs that are funny or sometimes moody.

Steve is a multi-disciplined visual artist whose personality comes through in his work, and his play.